What Are Some Countries That Have an Aristocratic Government?


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Although there are still countries in which aristocracy still exists and is even prevalent, aristocracy as a form of government is no longer formally practiced. Determining what countries are ruled by aristocracies is made difficult by the burden of determining the level of political influence of respective aristocracies.

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What Are Some Countries That Have an Aristocratic Government?
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North Korea is one country that could arguably be considered an aristocracy. Members of the same family have ruled since World War II. The government, however, is widely regarded as a dictatorship, meaning that one person has exclusive rule over the country. The fact that this person has been descended from the same family for more than a half century is by design of the leaders themselves rather than a result of the nation's construct. In England, the aristocracy is still prevalent. Many of these aristocrats are involved in parliament, but the amount of influence the members of the aristocracy actually have over the government is unknown.

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