Which Countries Are Allies of Egypt's Government?


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As of March 2015, the government of Egypt maintains alliances with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, all of which have pledged billions of dollars to help support Egypt's economy. The United States has also supplied more than $60 billion in aid to Egypt since 1979. Egypt's official status with respect to the U.S. is that of a "major non-NATO ally" despite occasional U.S. government statements regarding a freeze on further financial aid until certain human rights conditions are met.

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Although Egypt and Israel have previously been in a state of war with each other, relations between the two countries have since been normalized, and Egypt has cooperated with Israel as a strategic partner in stopping the flow of weapons into Hamas-controlled Gaza through the Egyptian border. Egypt's leaders have also been involved in helping to broker a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Because of long-lasting historical and cultural ties between the two nations, Egypt and its southern neighbor, Sudan, are considered to be close allies in the region despite a sovereignty dispute regarding a contested area. The two countries are involved in cooperative projects to cultivate land and improve agriculture and meat production.

Egypt and Greece have signed several agreements outlining defense cooperation and have maintained a long-term relationship since the founding of Alexandria by Alexander the Great. There is a sizable population of Greeks in Alexandria, and large numbers of Egyptians also live in the Athens, Greece area. The two countries have also signed agreements relating to trade and tourism.

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