Where Could You Find a List of Your Local Candidates for Judge?


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The local secretary of state is the chief elections official, and the secretary of state's website publishes lists of local judicial candidates, explains State & Local Government on the Net. Many states conduct elections for judicial posts on odd years, even years, as required or at various intervals, so there may not be a list of current candidates to review at any given time.

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The Louisiana secretary of state's website contains a search function that allows website visitors to locate candidates by name or elected position. As in many states, judges obey term limits like any elected official and must re-declare candidacy every four to 10 years, depending on the court, according to Ballotpedia.

The website of the California secretary of state contains a link to Elections on the home page, and website visitors can click this link to locate local candidates for judge.

Some secretary of state websites charge a fee to review elections databases, reports State & Local Government on the Net. In Alaska, Hawaii and Utah, states that have no secretary of state, the lieutenant governor serves all the same functions as a secretary of state, including registering candidates for judge and publishing this information in some available format.

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