How Do You Get a Copy of an FMLA Application?


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To take a break from work under the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, an employee must fill out two forms, the FMLA Medical Certification Form and the FMLA Notification Form, according to FMLAonline.com. Employers are responsible for giving these forms to employees when they formally request a leave.

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The FMLA allows employees up to 12 weeks of excused absence from their jobs every year, according to FMLAonline.com. Employees can take this kind of leave if they or of their close family members are incapacitated by serious medical conditions that either prevent them from doing their jobs or make it necessary for them to take care of their family members.

Employees may qualify for this leave for a variety of conditions, including pregnancy, prenatal complications, and adoption or fostering a child. Other qualifying issues include chronic conditions such as diabetes; long-term conditions such as cancer; and hospitalization, as FMLAonline.com indicates. There are various other prerequisites for qualifying for the leave, such as the employee's time with the company and the size of the company,

The employee's health care insurer must complete the FMLA Medical Certification Form and return it to the employer within 15 calendar days of receiving the form, states FMLAonline.com. The employer must provide an FMLA notification form within two days of receiving the request for leave, and the employee must then fill out this form before returning it to the employer.

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