How Do You Cope With Divorce?

How Do You Cope With Divorce? suggests coping with a divorce by recognizing emotions, taking a break and seeking support. Healing from a breakup and the subsequent pain also requires time. A divorce often sows grief because of the loss of shared experience, companionship and hope.

To successfully cope with the grief, a person dealing with a divorce must avoid fighting the related emotions of sadness, anger and confusion. Identifying and acknowledging specific emotions helps expedite the grieving process. Moving on involves directly facing difficult emotions and keeping in mind that healing is the end goal. The emotions often become less intense as time goes on, according to

Taking time off from regular responsibilities can also be beneficial in coping with a breakup. states that sadness, grief and exhaustion decrease energy and productivity. It is important to take a break from high-stress activities and responsibilities, which may include working a job and caring for others, for a short amount of time. Taking a break renews and refreshes energy.

Someone coping with a divorce must avoid going through the ordeal alone. Being alone can increase stress. Seeking the company of supportive friends and family can help reduce stress, combat sadness and increase overall health, notes Joining a support group is an effective way to find others who are going through similar emotions.