How Do You Continue Disability Benefits With Depression and Anxiety?


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In order to be successful in receiving disability benefits with depression and anxiety, applicants and claimants must prove their condition slows down production, or prove that they can't do work with unique features. A doctor should also fill out a mental residual functional capacity report on behalf of the applicant.

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Applicants and claimants should be honest with the Social Security Administration if they are receiving treatment for anxiety and depression, even if their symptoms are moderate. The Social Security Administration will consider how those symptoms may affect the applicant's ability to work when combined with the applicant's physical disability. If the applicant or claimant is not seeking any help for their depression or anxiety, they should consider contacting a health professional for an evaluation.

The Social Security Administration should also be provided with a list of medications the applicant or claimant takes for his anxiety or depression. The applicant should also provide information about any side effects of the medication, and what the dosages of medication are. Claimants and applicants may be more likely to have their claim approved for a mental health condition if they are seen by a mental health professional for the anxiety or depression and not their family doctor.

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