What Is Contained in a Document for Termination of Parental Rights?

The final order document for termination of parental rights includes the name of the petitioner and the respondent, as well as the case number, date of termination and name of the judge finalizing the order, explains Delaware State Courts. Parties are typically required to complete a petition for termination of parental rights, an information sheet, a custody separate statement and a preacipe in a termination of parental rights action form.

During the process of termination of parental rights, the family court system prepares an order of hearing form that includes information about the hearing date and individuals who must be present, as well as a final order to terminate parental rights, which makes the termination legal in the eyes of the court, according to Delaware State Courts.

Additional forms that may be required during parental rights termination proceedings include an affidavit of nonmilitary service, an affidavit of unknown address if the respondent's address is not known and a consent to transfer or terminate parental rights that includes information about an agreed-upon transfer or termination of parental rights, notes Delaware Sate Courts. Respondents and plaintiffs may also be required to complete a waiver of rights under the Service Members' Civil Relief Act.