What Is Contained on an Accident Form?


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Some things included on an accident report form include details about the accident, people and vehicles involved and a list of witnesses, says NOLO. It may also include photographs and a diagram of the accident to point out potential fault behind the accident.

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An accident form is a type of police report that should include all details of the accident, and an officer at the scene of the accident prepares it, according to NOLO. The investigative officer speaks to everyone at the scene and takes notes about things such as the road condition, weather and lighting conditions. He also jots down contact information of the drivers as well as their insurance information. It may also have statements from witnesses, citations and other violations of the law.

Accident forms also have tasks for the investigating officer to perform, says NOLO. This may include measuring distances to determine who was at fault, talking to the right people and investigating the vehicles for signs of how the accident occurred. Photographs taken at the accident scene often go into the police report after an accident.

This report helps the insurance company resolve claims, according to NOLO. It may also be useful if the case goes to court for injuries sustained during the accident.

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