How Do You Contact Soledad State Prison Inmates?


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To get in touch with inmates at Soledad State Prison, send correspondence to Facility C at P.O. Box 689, Soledad CA, 93960-0689; Facility D at P.O. Box 690, Soledad CA 93960-0690; or Facility A & B at P.O. Box 705, Soledad CA 93960-0705. The mailing address for staff at the prison is P.O. Box 686, Soledad CA, 96960-0686.

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Soledad State Prison is also known as the Correctional Training Facility, or CTF. This prison is located at Highway 101 North in Soledad, California. It is a Level I, Level II and General Population prison and has three different facilities for inmates with different needs.

Facility A and B is for inmates with special needs. This facility is comprised of two dorms, two two-man cells and four three-tier cell blocks. The total capacity for this facility totals 2,800 people. The general population facility is Facility C, which is a Level II. It has nine three-tier cell blocks, an administrative segregation unit with one three-tier cell block unit and two two-man cells. The total capacity here is 2,736. Level I, general population inmates are housed in Facility D. Here there is a dining room, laundry, canteen, medical and dental services, library and visiting rooms. It is comprised of six dorms and has a total inmate capacity of 1,012.

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