How Do You Contact the Mobile County Metro Jail?

To contact the Mobile County Metro Jail by phone, call the Mobile County Sheriff's Office at (251) 574-2423. To send a letter to an inmate, provide the inmate's name, date of birth and a return address on the envelope and address it to P.O. Box 104, Mobile, AL, 36601.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the Mobile County Metro Jail. The address of the jail is 450 St. Emanuel St., Mobile, AL, 36603. As of 2015, to contact the jail regarding visitation, call (251) 574-3388 or (251) 574-4734. To contact the jail regarding an inmate's medical information, call (251) 574-3368. The Mobile County Sheriff's Office website also has a contact form that a site visitor can use to send a message.