How Do You Find Contact Information for State Bar Associations?

To find contact information for the different state bar associations, go to the American Bar Association website at, click through to "State & Local Bar Associations," enter the search parameters and view the contact information for the associations for that state. The American Bar Association was founded in 1878 as a voluntary organization for lawyers and law students. It has 410,000 members as of 2015.

Follow the steps below to find contact information for state bar associations:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the official website for the American Bar Association by entering into a web browser. Click on "ABA Groups" in the upper left of the screen, and then click "Divisions." Choose "Bar Services," and then click on "Bar Association Directory" under "Data and Research."

  3. Enter the parameters
  4. Enter the desired parameters in the search boxes. The directory can be searched by city and state or by ZIP code. Choose the maximum desired distance. Alternatively, click on the state to view all associations for that state.

  5. View the information
  6. View the displayed information for the state. The provided information includes the name, address, distance, phone and email address. If no contact information is available, click on the provided link to go to the state bar association. Repeat the steps for every state of interest.