How Do You Contact a Family Member When You Are in Jail in Hillsborough County?


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Inmates in jail in Hillsborough County can contact their family members by placing a collect call. Family members who accept the collect call must pay the fees, and the service provider facilitates this by making a range of payment options available.

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The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office may place limits on the times inmates may place calls and the length of the calls. Phone calls to family may also be monitored and recorded. If the inmate has disciplinary problems or gang affiliations or if a family member or other individual complains about calls from the inmate, he may be denied phone privileges and be unable to contact family.

Inmate phone service is provided by CenturyLink. It uses the ENFORCER inmate calling platform to provide security and ensure compliance with regulations. Inmate Calling Solutions, or ICSolutions, provides the payment platform for collect calls. Family members may fund the collect calls by calling ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 to set up a pre-paid account. The initial limit on the account, as of 2015, is $75 per month. Alternatively, family members can fund an inmate debit account that can be used to place calls.

Family members with a land line may also contact their CenturyLink at 888-664-7839 to request that collect calls be added to their monthly bill from their local phone company. Phone companies may approve the request if the individuals has had service for at least six consecutive months without past due payments or suspensions.

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