How Do You Contact Your County's Waste Department?

In order to find contact information for a county's waste department, visit the county's website, which is usually the county's name followed by the state's initials and .gov. Some counties have a link or a specific department website such as for Riverside County's Department of Waste Resource, while some can be found from a link on the county website.

In order to contact a county's waste department, find the contact information for the specific county online or through a local directory. County department phone numbers are usually listed in the government section of the phone book.

A full list of United States counties and their websites can be found from website resources such as Wikipedia. Click on the county, which is alphabetically organized by state. The county page lists the official website link on the right side of the page. From the county website, select the Waste Resource department link or enter keywords into the search box. The county's website may also feature listings linked to each department from the home page.

The county's website may also feature a Contact Us tab that provides the department's street and email address, fax and phone number, as well as business hours.