What Does the Consulate General of India Do?


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The Consulate General of India provides visa, passport and other miscellaneous services to Indian citizens who live abroad. In the United States, there are many regional offices run by the Consulate General of India, including one in New York City and another in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Consulate General of India handles much of the paperwork required of non-resident Indian citizens who are seeking to contact government agencies in India. They also provide international documents, such as passports, for travelers, expatriates and other non-resident Indian citizens.

As of 2015, there are five separate regional offices run by the Consulate General in the United States. They are located in New York, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco. This is in addition to the Indian embassy located in Washington, D.C. Regional Consulate General offices cover the immediate area and surrounding states.

At some regional offices, certain services are outsourced to private companies rather than done in-house. For example, at the New York City offices, visas are handled by Cox and Kings Global Services, rather than by the Consulate directly. At the Atlanta offices, passports are handled by BLS International Services USA. The Houston, Texas offices handle miscellaneous services, such as life certificates and corrections to one's passport in-house, and they out-source all other services, including visa and passports.

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