What Is the Consulado Mexicano in Chicago, Illinois?


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The Consulado Mexicano in Chicago, Illinois, is the Mexican Consulate. The Mexican Consulate provides governmental services to Mexican citizens who reside in or visit the United States, explains the consulate's official website.

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The Mexican Consulate's services include assistance with passports, consular identification cards, birth certificates, visas and notary public services for documents such as wills and powers of attorney. The Mexican Consulate requires visitors to make an appointment for these services, states its website. The Mexican Consulate also provides assistance with marriage certificates, permission forms for minors, proof of military service and declarations of Mexican citizenship by birth, and these services do not require an appointment.

Mexican citizens cannot obtain a divorce at the Mexican Consulate, according to its website. The consulate itself does not provide assistance with matters relating to the transport of vehicles to and within Mexico, but there is an outside agent on the premises who can help. As of 2015, the Mexican Consulate also offers a Mobile Consulate, which brings the consulate's services to citizens who cannot make the trip to the consulate building in Chicago.

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