What Is a "Consulado Mexicano"?

"Consulado Mexicano" is a Spanish term that means "Mexican consulate." This is a member of the Mexican civil service who helps citizens of that country with criminal matters, migration or labor issues and administrative or civil affairs while they are abroad, explains the website of the Mexican Consulate in Dallas.

Mexico has consulates in 45 U.S. cities in addition to its Embassy in Washington and a permanent mission in New York City, according to the website Embassy Finder. In return, it hosts 12 consulates and one embassy for the United States, reports the U.S. State Department.

Consulates and embassies are both diplomatic offices hosted in a foreign country, explains About.com, but consulates are smaller, and are often located in popular tourist areas. They tend to handle minor diplomatic duties. This usually means helping citizens with problems or paperwork while they are abroad, but consulates can also contribute to trade relationships and aid in other diplomatic functions.

By contrast, embassies are usually larger and located in the host country's capital. The ambassador leads the diplomatic staff in establishing trade relationships, preserving the rights of citizens abroad and other important diplomatic issues. A traveler can find help at embassies and consulates belonging to his home country.