What constitutes a terrorist threat?


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A terrorist threat is a threat of violence that is communicated by someone with the intention of terrorizing others. The threat is credible enough to warrant action from the victim, such as evacuating a building.

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A terrorist threat does not have to be against a person. It can also be against property. An example of a terrorist threat is a threat to impair the water and power sources for a city. Terrorist threats can occur at the state and federal levels. A threat can be used to help prosecute other cases, such as domestic violence, school violence and hate crimes. In some states, the word ���terrorist��� has been exchanged for ���criminal.��� At the state level, there are various interpretations of terrorist threat laws.

Terrorist threat laws exist in every state. Some states have additional requirements for a threat to be considered. For instance, in Missouri, the threat has to be directed at more than 10 people. At the federal level, a threat of mass destruction and false bombs is considered to be a terrorist threat. A person can be charged at both the state and federal levels for a terrorist threat. Double jeopardy does not apply because the state and federal government are considered to be separate sovereigns.

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