What Are Some Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Bilderberg Group?

What Are Some Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Bilderberg Group?

Conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg Group include that they started the war leading to Slobodan Milosevic's downfall, that they want to impose capitalist domination, and that they are trying to create a world government. Other theories accuse the group of controlling the governments of several nations.

The Bilderberg Group is a private meeting between about 120 to 150 high-ranking members of North American or European society, including politicians and experts of certain fields, such as finance and industry. It occurs annually. The location and the participants vary by year. The meetings are led by the steering committee and the group's chairman.

Members of the steering committee propose potential participants to the chairman. He discusses that person with the rest of the steering committee to decide whether the person should be invited. When discussing potential participants, the group's goal is a diverse mix of viewpoints at the meeting.

The Bilderberg Group has a strict privacy policy to ensure that participants don't worry about speaking freely. Although participants are allowed to talk about the meeting, they are asked not to quote one another. This secretive nature has led to criticism of the group, as well as to conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy accusations have come from groups on both sides of the political spectrum. Members of the group, including founder Denis Healey and former chairman √Čtienne Davignon, have denied these accusations.