What Are Some Consequences of Political Corruption in the United States?


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Some consequences of political corruption in the United States are physical dangers and financial windfalls to political insiders that deprive other citizens of deserved government business and lucrative contracts. Additional consequences of political corruption include a loss of trust in government and an accepted culture of fraud and dishonest government.

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When employees of the state of Illinois issued operator's licenses to unqualified truck drivers, the political corruption bore the consequence of making roads more dangerous. The unqualified truck drivers paid bribes to Governor George Ryan’s political fund in exchange for the operator's licenses. Some of the unqualified truck drivers caused vehicle crashes. One such crash caused the death of six children.

In addition, a consequence of political corruption in the United States is that millions of dollars line the pockets of political insiders who receive government contracts that the insiders do not deserve. Some of the awarded contracts give financial kickbacks to the government employees who funnel the contracts to the insiders. These schemes shower taxpayer dollars on undeserving individuals and fraudulently deprive other individuals of lucrative business. When the government awards contracts based on inappropriate and fraudulent criteria, the consequences can include a changed community landscape because buildings are built or not built because of corruption and altered zoning laws that ultimately affect development of a region.

Finally, a consequence of political corruption in the United States is that individuals lose faith in the honest performance of government. Individual citizens either stop participating in the political process or they also become corrupt because citizens come to believe that corruption is a necessary component of politics. In addition, individuals occasionally refuse to hold corrupt politicians accountable for their actions because those responsible for prosecuting corruption believe that political corruption is simply routine in the United States.

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