What Are Some Consequences of Parole Violation?


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Some consequences of parole violation include substantial fines, jail time up to several days, and increased probation time, sometimes up to years. In other instances, a probation officer may assign community service detail as a rehabilitative effort, or order a parole violator to begin a counseling program. Punishment for probation violation depends on several considerations: the severity and type of violation, and whether or not probation has previously been violated.

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A first-time violation may earn nothing more than a warning and words about future consequences, with no additional action taken if no further violations occur. On the other extreme, a judge may also decide to cancel or discontinue an offender's probation, and re-incarcerate that person for the equivalent, allowable time.

A judge may order an offender whose violation involves drugs or alcohol to enroll in a dependency program or seek substance abuse counseling. Counseling may also be ordered for an offender exhibiting a persistent emotional or mental problem that contributes to or causes the probation violations.

Any probation violation involving a crime would, of course, result in additional charges for the offender. In instances such as this, prosecutors typically take an offender's entire criminal record into account when determining appropriate charges to bring, and the punishment to attach.

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