What Is a Consent Order?

The Free Dictionary defines a consent order as a legal order agreed to or accepted by the parties involved in the process. US Legal clarifies that a consent order is similar to a court order in the sense that it is legally binding, but it is agreed upon by all parties involved.

According to US Legal, a consent order is binding by federal and state laws, although the regulations governing its use and scope of power may vary significantly from one state to another. Consent orders are typically used in a situations where two or more parties are involved in a dispute that requires the court's guidance to resolve but they do not want an official court hearing. In such cases, the consent order provides an impartial and binding legal document from the court without the gravity and consequences of going through a court order. US Legal also explains that administrative agencies are able to issue consent orders as well, particularly when it comes to licensing agreements specific to the agency's field. In both cases, the consent order allows for an expedited decision without the time and expense that would be spent on an official administrative hearing to resolve the issue at hand.