What Are Some Connecticut ZIP Codes?


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Connecticut ZIP codes include 06002, 06025, 06242 and 06246. These ZIP codes denote areas in the counties of Hartford and Windham. The state of Connecticut contains several hundred ZIP codes, as of 2015.

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The first digit of a ZIP code denotes the address's area within a region of the United States. A zero as the first digit means the ZIP code is located in the Northeast of the United States. All Connecticut ZIP codes begin with zero. The next two digits in a ZIP code indicate a large central post office, or Sectional Center Facility, within the region. There may be several SCFs within a state, each serving one or more counties. Connecticut has 10 SCFs. Therefore, the second and third digits in a Connecticut ZIP code may be 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and so on, through 69.

The last two digits of a ZIP code denote local post offices or delivery areas. The area of a city or town may include several variations of the last two digits of a ZIP code, depending on its size. For example, the city of Hartford, Connecticut, encompasses over 20 ZIP codes, including 06155, 06146, 06147 and 06160. P.O. boxes have individual ZIP codes assigned to them.

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