How Do You Conduct a Free Mailing Address Search?

How Do You Conduct a Free Mailing Address Search?

Personal or business addresses can be found through online search engines, Whitepages, or Melissa Data. Whitepages users can search its database by name, telephone number, city, state and zip code. offers a map-based interface to find specific international postal addresses by dragging a marker to a desired location.

In addition to its web-based search, Whitepages offers a free app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices allowing users to identify unknown phone calls or texts, including the name and address of the caller or sender. The Whitepages site and app also offer reverse address lookups to search for name or telephone information, locations of neighbors or nearby businesses and location maps.

The site uses Google Maps data to generate postal addresses for locations worldwide also provides information for sites without postal addresses, including geographic location, as well as the site's information for the closest post office, township, city or region.

Melissa Data can be used to verify mailing address information including address type, postal carrier route, adjacent postal carrier routes and the nearest delivery post office. Melissa Data also includes housing tract, block number and property photos.

YellowPages offers addresses, maps, and telephone numbers for individuals and businesses. Searching is free. Users can also create a profile to follow address changes for an individual or company, maintain a favorites list or create category lists.