How Do You Conduct Campaign Polls?


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To conduct a campaign poll, plan the poll, use clear language, avoid assumptions and open the poll. The best times to conduct campaign polls include weekends and weekdays from 4 pm and 9 pm when more people are at home.

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Considerations to make when planning a poll include the type of information, the specific questions to ask and the target population or group.

Using concise and clear language ensures that respondents can easily understand the questions. Ways to achieve this include using the fewest words necessary to ask questions, avoiding unfamiliar or slang words and phrases and using clear and unambiguous language. Ensure that each question requires a single response for the best result.

Poll questions should not assume that respondents have all the information pertaining to the election. Questions should either provide information before seeking a response or directly ask respondents whether or not they are aware of the specific subject. Respondents who have no knowledge of the subject can be asked other questions. Avoid questions which suggest answers that emphasize the status quo, seem preferable or appear to be more acceptable.

Lastly, let the respondents know ahead of time how long the poll is going to take before hand to help increase response rates. Structure the poll so that the most interesting questions are at the top to help establish respondent’s interest from the beginning

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