How Do You Get a Concealed Weapon Permit in Arkansas?


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Parties seeking new concealed handgun carry permits in 2015 must submit electronic or written applications to the Director of the Arkansas State Police. Under Arkansas law, the state police have up to four months to review an application, but they may extend that period if an application is incomplete. An applicant may check the status of an application online, notes the Arkansas State Police. State regulations indicate that a license is valid for five years.

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An application for a new Arkansas concealed handgun carry permit has four steps, explains the Arkansas State Police. First, you must complete a firearms safety course taught by a registered instructor. Obtain a certificate of completion, and submit it with the application form. Second, complete the application form, and provide all requested biographical information, including information about criminal history, drug use and mental health. Submit the form within six months of completing the firearms safety course. Third, submit fingerprints on fingerprint card AR920570Z as soon as possible after submitting the application. Then pay the application fee.

As of 2015, Arkansas honors concealed handgun carry permits issued by other jurisdictions. Even so, the state police remind licensees that they are subject to Arkansas law while in Arkansas. Concealed carry licensees who move to Arkansas may transfer their out-of-state permits by completing an application form, submitting fingerprint cards and paying a fee to the Arkansas State Police, the department reports.

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