What Is a Compromise Bill?

A compromise bill is a proposed law that is created when two opposing parties reach a compromised agreement. The bill will contain aspects of both party's views and will have the primary positive sides that most parties push for.

The Bill of Rights and the Compromise of 1850 are among the two most popular compromise bills that were created in the United States. The Bill of Rights is a document which outlines the specific rights that every American has when they exist as a citizen in the U.S. These rights are not able to be changed and can be taken away from citizens who do not obey the laws. These rights were issued after many different debates and compromises. The rights are composed of ideas from many different parts of the country and different political parties. They are made to suit the needs of every American citizen.

The Compromise of 1850 was a compromise that worked to end the Civil War that occurred in the U.S. Political supporters of both the North and the South came together to discuss the high points of both views. They used these high points to create a list of five bills that would bring the country together and help reduce confrontation.