How Do You Complete the Louisiana SNAP Application?


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To complete a Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program application, visit the local Department of Children and Family Services, or visit its website and enter information into the online application. Another option is to download and print the application, and then mail it in.

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Before filling out the application, use the pre-screening eligibility tool on the website to determine if you meet eligibility requirements. In addition to income requirements, you must provide documentation to prove identity, residence and citizenship. You must also prove through documentation that you meet the work requirements to be eligible to receive SNAP benefits. Common supporting documents to prove claims made on applications include birth certificates, Social Security cards and paycheck stubs. Bank statements and copies of tax returns are also sometimes requested as proof of income levels.

Once eligibility is determined, complete an application via the website or by visiting the local office. Provide all required information, sign the application swearing that the information is true and correct, and submit it for determination. After submission, you can expect representatives to contact you for a telephone interview; they may also schedule a face-to-face interview. After the interview, a decision is made, and you are notified regarding your SNAP benefits.

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