How Do You Complete a Claim of Lien Form?


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Fill in all of the required information, including your company's information as the lienor, the customer's information and a description of the goods or services provided, according to Niesen Price Worthy Campo, P.A. Mail a copy to the owner by certified mail within 15 days of filing.

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The lienor is the company or person filing the lien. If the person is using a shell company name such as Lone Star Plumbing, write "John Doe, d/b/a/ Lone Star Plumbing" in the lienor blank rather than just the name. Include on the form the company's address and the position of the person who is filing the lien on behalf of the company, notes Niesen Price Worthy Campo, P.A.

Be as specific as possible. Put the customer's name on the form, whether it's a person or a company. Indicate the legal description of a property rather than just its mailing address. This information is available from public county records. Include a thorough description and the total value of all of the labor, materials and services for which you require recompense. Indicate the dates on which you provided the goods or services, says Niesen Price Worthy Campo, P.A.

Witnesses must also sign and print their names on the form. In states such as Florida, a notary must also sign and stamp the form, and in some cases the form's preparer must also sign, according to Niesen Price Worthy Campo, P.A.

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