Will Complaints Submitted Against Doctors Be Reviewed by the State Medical Board?


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The state medical board evaluatesand investigatescomplaints that have been filed against doctors. Generally, thestate medicalboard has full discretionary powers to impose sanctions.

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The Federation of State Medical Boards, or FSMB, was founded in 1912. As of 2015, the organization is composed of 70 state boards throughout the United States, including its dependencies.

Some of the complaints reviewed by theMedical Board of California aremade against licensed surgeons, physiciansand midwives. Registered lens dispensers, technicians, technologists and polysomnographic trainees are also part of the board'sscope. During the review process, theboard ascertains if thepractitioner has complied with all the rules and regulations set by theguideline provided by FSMB. If an infringement has been incurred, certain disciplinary actions and fines may be imposed.

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