How Do You Compare Political Candidates?

Websites like InsideGov and CrowdPac can help compare different political candidates. By viewing information on all of the candidates in a given election, voters can make informed choices.

InsideGov has an easy to use format that compares two or more candidates side by side. It shows information on each candidate including the name, party affiliation, experience, and where each one lives. The site allows users to compare two or more candidates or to look at where certain candidates stand on particular issues. Users can sort through the candidates by party, age gender or by their views on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage or gun control using the options on the left side of the screen.

CrowdPac offers similar information in a more complex format. The main page displays two candidates, and underneath is a list of all the candidates running in each party, with Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right. Scrolling down the page brings the user to a list of candidates with graphs next to each person's name that shows how far left or right the candidates are in their beliefs and political stance. At the top of the page, users can select two candidates to compare.