How Do You Find a Company's Employee Identification Number?

Find Employee Identification Numbers from the IRS or through public company documents. The IRS requires authorization from the company seeking the number before providing the number to a requester.

To receive a lost EIN number from the IRS, an authorized representative must contact the Business & Specialty Tax Line. The requester should provide identifying information to confirm permission to gain access to the number, including the requester's name, Social Security number and location. Once the IRS confirms the requester's credentials, the IRS provides the employer tax identification number over the phone. The IRS considers a trustee of a trust, an estate executor, a sole proprietor or business owner, or a partner in a partnership to be an authorized representative.

Individuals may also gain access to an Employer Identification Number of a public company by visiting the Filings section of the Securities and Exchange Commission website. Users can conduct a search of the company and view their 10-K or 20-F filings. EINs appear on the first page of these documents.

To find the EIN of a private company, check databases such as West Law, Nexis,, TLO and Accurint. If the company files with the state's Secretary of State, the EIN number may appear on its annual report.