What Companies Make Maps of Area Code 310?


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Many companies, such as McNally atlas and Google, produce maps for area code 310, as well as the rest of the United States. These maps come in the form of Atlases, travel guides and online map updates. For the most up to date information, use Google Maps that utilizes a dedicated set of drones and trucks that travel across the United States updating maps on a local scale.

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Area code 310 is one of a handful of area codes that support Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding counties. As part of one of America's most popular and most populated cities, the maps for area code 310 are rigorously updated and are generally accurate due to a large demand for the area and a multitude of testers to ensure map accuracy and precision.

Area code 310 was put into service on February 2nd, 1994, serving as the sole area code for Santa Monica and Long Beach. Population booms in the area necessitated that area code 310 be split into area codes 310, 424 and 562 on August 26, 2006. Due to this change, finding maps for area code 310 has been made difficult, as they are sometimes the same maps described as covering area codes 424 and 562.

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