How Do You Find Companies That Have Filed for Bankruptcy in the United States?


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Individuals can find companies that have filed for bankruptcy in news and investment publications. Stockbrokers provide insights about insolvent entities, while government sources such as bankruptcy courts and the Securities and Exchange Commission provide useful bankruptcy information, reports FreeAdvice.

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Stockholders can inquire from their stockbrokers about the bankruptcy statuses of certain organizations. The Securities and Exchange Commission reviews a firm’s reorganization plans and provides online records to the public, which are also accessible in person at the SEC headquarters. Individuals should consider checking bankruptcy court records, which contain information relating to firms incorporated in a particular state, notes FreeAdvice. An online index of federal court filings, such as the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system, provides a centralized service for accessing bankruptcy information.

News features and investment publications provide information regarding firms that have filed for bankruptcy in the United States. By inquiring directly from a firm’s investor relations department in a company, individuals can find out about a bankruptcy proceeding, and the name of contacts of the court dealing with the insolvency, explains FreeAdvice. By contacting any of the 21 regional U.S. Trustee offices, individuals can find the appointed trustee who oversees the administration of a bankruptcy case involving a particular company, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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