What Are Some Facts About Communism?

communism Credit: vintagedept/CC-BY 2.0

In a communist society, private ownership is almost nonexistent; the government owns and controls property, education, agriculture and means of production. The idea of communism was first theorized by Karl Marx in 1848.

Marx outlined his plan for communism in his book called "Communist Manifesto." In the book he outlined plans for a society in which there was no private property and only one single bank existed. There were no inheritance rights or income tax based on income, and government-controlled labor.

The first use of communism was in Russia when its government was led by Vladimir Lenin. The communist party led a revolution to overthrow the government at the time, and then took control. Lenin's implementation of communism led Russia into becoming the Soviet Union and the government was called a Marxist-Leninist government. China soon followed Russia's lead and became a communist country in 1950.

Unfortunately, the vision Marx had of communism never came to be. Communist leaders often treated their people badly, stealing what little identity, wealth and property people had. Despite this, there are still countries operating under communism today. These countries include Laos, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea. Countries like China constantly come under fire from other countries due to human rights violations. Citizens of these countries, even today, have very little freedom of religion, and deal with extreme censorship.