What Are Some Common Sentences for Grand Larceny?


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Common sentences for grand larceny are dependent on the state and type of crime, and can range from 16 months to two or three years in jail for certain grand larceny cases in California, or one to 12 years in prison for certain cases in New York, notes Find Law notes. Punishments are broken down by how serious the crime is and are usually at the judge's discretion.

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After a person is convicted of grand larceny, the sentencing commences to determine the sentence and penalties attached to the crime, according to Find Law. A number of factors determine the defendant's penalty, and those factors include the laws of the state and the mitigating and aggravating factors. Aggravating factors usually make the crime more serious, such as the criminal history of the defendant. Mitigating factors usually help a judge hand down a more lenient sentence, such as the defendant having no criminal history and whether the defendant has taken responsibility for the crime.

The laws that govern grand larceny convictions usually contain different options for sentencing, and can include fines, years of incarceration and other alternative sentences. Judges generally have the ability to determine the sentence based on the facts of the case, says Find Law.

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