What Are Some Common Questions About Florida Condo Law?


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The most commonly asked questions about condo law fall into categories such as laws, statutes and codes; questions about condo association rights and responsibilities; the rights of renters and owners; and the role of association boards, according to Jimerson & Cobb, P.A, a Florida law firm that specializes in condominium law. There are often concerns about assessments and fees, as well.

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An example of a commonly asked question about laws and statutes is which section of the Florida statutes applies to condominiums, explains Jimerson & Cobb. Association specific questions include whether the association is required to keep official records. One of the questions concerning rights of renters is if renters have the same rights as unit owners. Questions about assessments and fees include questions about how much the board can raise fees in a single year.

A complete list of questions, as well as answers and explanations, is available at JimersonCobb.com. Another Florida law firm, the Bogen Law Group, which also specializes in condo law, provides information about frequently asked questions on its website, CondoLaw.com. The Bogen Law Group’s website also provides a list of the most important laws for condominium boards to be aware of, as curated by the law firm’s staff.

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