What Are Some Common Questions Asked by Canadian Customs?


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Common questions asked by Canadian customs are questions relating to travel details, goods brought into Canada and immigration status. Some travelers can also be required to go to a second checkpoint, where inspectors ask for further travel details and may inspect baggage, according to the Government of Canada travel website.

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Travelers can enter Canada by air, road or boat. In all three cases, they must speak with a Canada Border Services Agency, or CBSA, representative. When entering Canada by air, travelers must fill out a Declaration Card, which customs uses to gain information on the nature of the trip and what travelers bring into Canada. At the airport checkpoint, CBSA representatives conduct a Primary Inspection, which typically involves questions about the contents of the card.

Common questions for both travelers to Canada and Canadians returning to the country include the purpose of the trip to or from Canada and whether travelers plan to spend nights in hotels or with friends, reports the Globe and Mail. Travelers entering Canada for work or study purposes may be asked additional questions to help determine their immigration status.

Travelers entering Canada by road or boat must also undergo a Primary Inspection. As is the case with air travel, travelers must answer questions about the goods they plan on bringing into Canada and the nature of their visit. In some cases, travelers may need to undergo a Secondary Inspection. This often occurs when travelers declare food from other countries or exceed their duty-free limit for bringing goods into Canada. The Secondary Inspection involves further questions to expand upon information gained in the Primary Inspection and may involve a search.

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