What Are Some Common Phone Scams?


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Some common phone scams include callers asking for money for charities, threatening legal trouble if a payment is not made, and offering large amounts of "winnings" or easy money, states Today. All of these scams seek to swindle money from the person on the receiving end of the call.

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Callers asking for charity donations to allegedly reputable organizations commonly offer generous gifts in exchange for the donation, according to Today. The simplest way to avoid this type of scam is to do some research before making charitable donations, ask a caller for a website to review the charity's mission, and donate online if satisfied.

In another scam, the caller tells the individual that because of legal trouble, such as bad debts or unpaid tickets, the person must provide payment or other information or risk conviction and larger fines, reports Today. Debt collectors, even if they are real, however, have no such legal powers. A person who receives such a call should avoid providing information and get a call-back number.

A third popular phone scam is also prevalent through email communication, notes Today. The caller offers big winnings or part of some unclaimed funds, but the call recipient must first provide a "small" fee to facilitate the process. Such offers that sound unrealistically too good to be true usually are scams.

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