What Are Some of the Most Common Misdemeanors?

Common misdemeanors against persons include simple assault, driving while under the influence, domestic violence, drug possession and prostitution, explains Lawyers.com. Common misdemeanors against property are theft, trespass and vandalism.

Simple assault, also called assault and battery, involves trying to cause or actually causing physical harm against another person, Lawyers.com asserts. In some cases, threatening to harm another person without touching him constitutes a misdemeanor charge as well. Punching someone during a fight is a misdemeanor. If someone inflicts serious bodily harm, uses a weapon, or threatens to use a weapon, the charge may be a felony.

A driving while under the influence charge entails a person operating a vehicle while under the influence of a mind-altering substance, including some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, describes Lawyers.com. The law recognizes farm machinery, bicycles, boats and cars as vehicles in this regard. While the first two times a person faces driving while under the influence charges it is a misdemeanor, later convictions result in a felony charge in most states.

Prostitution involves a person offering or asking for a sexual act in exchange for something of value, typically money, states Lawyers.com. Most states mandate that a person can be charged regardless of whether any sex act occurred or anything of value was exchanged so long as an agreement took place that one would be given for the other.