What Are the Common Letters That People Write to Judges?

Two common letters that people write to judges are those written on behalf of either a defendant or a victim, according to The Law Dictionary. Certain states may have laws or regulations preventing the judge from considering outside information or arguments about a case, as noted by the Hawai'i State Judiciary website.

Letters written to a judge should look highly professional regardless of the intent of the letter, as noted by The Law Dictionary. The letter should be addressed to the judge using his proper title and first and last names. The letter content should be written in a business style, left-aligned and beginning with a traditional opener, such as "Dear Judge" followed by his last name.

The writer should quickly address the purpose of the letter, notes The Law Dictionary. For letters written on behalf of a defendant, the letter should concentrate on the positive qualities of the defendant and how sentencing would affect both him and his family. For letters written on behalf of a victim, the content should focus on how his life and the lives of others have been negatively affected by a crime. Before sending the letter, the writer should have it proofread and fix any errors so the letter appears as professional as possible.