What Are Some Common Legal Terms?


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Examples of common legal terms include "acknowledgment," "Alford doctrine," "bail" and "conditional discharge." Other commonly used legal terms are "custody affidavit," "deposition" and "emancipation," according to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch.

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What Are Some Common Legal Terms?
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An acknowledgment is the signature of a lawyer or clerk that certifies that the individual filing the document has sworn that all of the content are true. It may also certify that the individual signed all documents by their free act and deed, explains the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. An Alford doctrine is a plea that the defendant makes in order to enter into a plea bargain with the state. In this situation, the defendant knows that there is enough evidence to make a conviction, but the individual doesn't directly admit guilt. However, if the judge accepts the plea bargain, the record states a guilty finding.

Bail refers to any money or property given to the court in exchange for the temporary release of a defendant. This helps ensure that the defendant returns to court, says the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. A conditional discharge is a disposition in a criminal case in which the defendant is required to fulfill court ordered conditions instead of doing time in prison.

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