What Are Some Common International Dialing Codes?


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Some common international dialing codes include the United States' code, 1; China's code, 86; and the United Kingdom's code, 44. Of these three countries, China has the highest number of telephone lines in use, making its code the most common one.

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Additional international dialing codes include 971 for the United Arab Emirates, 340 for the U.S. Virgin Islands, 53 for Cuba and 420 for the Czech Republic. While the U.S. Virgin Islands are technically part of the United States, inhabitants enjoy their own international dialing code due to their geographic distance from the continental United States. Inconsistency in code usage is common; although the state of Hawaii is farther away from the mainland United States than the Virgin Islands, telephone users can contact people from the state using the conventional U.S. international code.

Since the telephone is a U.S. invention, U.S. citizens enjoy the simplest international dialing code. While the codes themselves are sufficient for allowing individuals in the same country to recognize one another by phone number, actually placing an international call requires inputting more numbers. Telephone users must place an international access prefix before the country code to make an international call. International access prefixes are unique to each country, often prefixed with a plus sign to show that they are different from international dialing codes.

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