What Are the Most Common Instances Where You Would Need a Lawyer?


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Some of the most common instances where a person would need a lawyer would include when a person needs a divorce, enters into any kind of contract, changes their personal status, alters or creates a will, purchases or sells real estate, when financial problems are overwhelming, when arrested or when a person is in an accident, according to the Illinois State Bar Association. It is also popular to seek the help of a lawyer when a person is beginning a new business and needs help with issues such as the legal formation of the business or workplace issues.

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Any person who is involved in a situation that requires a large sum of money or that involves the threatening of that person's personal rights should seek a legal professional, as reported by the Illinois State Bar Association. Without a legal professional, it is easy for people to be taken advantage of by others or to fail to understand legal language, thereby making a frustrating mistake on legal paperwork.

One common example of the need for a lawyer can be seen in divorce, reports the Huffington Post. While it is not necessary to hire an attorney to settle a divorce, it does make the experience less stressful as well as create a clear and fully binding agreement. It also helps to avoid confusion because many people enter into binding agreements with the court that do not adequately fulfill their wishes because they did not hire a lawyer to help them make those wishes known in the legal world.

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