What Are Some Common Felony Charges?

Some common felony charges in the United States are violent crimes, drug-abuse violations and property crimes. Burglary, assault, robbery, and forgery and counterfeiting are also some of the common felony crimes in the country.

A felony is a crime more serious than a misdemeanor and punishable by serving more than one year in a state or federal prison or by death penalty. It also may involve forfeiture of land and goods. A violent crime, including murder, manslaughter, rape and assault, is a common felony charge with the highest conviction rate nationally. Approximately 48 percent of state and federal prisoners in 2012 were convicted of violent crimes.

Property theft includes many common crimes that may be categorized as either felony or misdemeanor, depending on class or level of the crime committed. Some property crimes are larceny, auto theft, arson and burglary. In 2012, about 17 percent of prisoners in state and federal facilities committed property crimes, especially larceny-theft.

The highest number of arrests in 2012 was for drug abuse violations. In federal facilities, about 56 percent of prisoners committed drug-abuse violations. It is the most common felony offense with an estimated 3,882.2 arrests per 100,000 inhabitants in 2012, and it accounted for over 1.5 million arrests the same year.