What Are Some Common Family Law Questions?


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Some common family law questions include the following: "What are grounds for divorce?;" "How are assets legally divided in a divorce?;" and "What is joint custody?" according to the American Bar Association. Other questions include, "How is child support determined?" and "Do grandparents have visitation rights?"

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Grounds for divorce vary according to state and are based on either fault or no-fault premises, reports the American Bar Association. In a no-fault divorce, neither party blames the other for the breakdown of the marriage. A fault-based divorce depends on an infraction by one of the parties such as adultery, drunkenness or desertion. Asset division in a divorce depends on the concept of equitable distribution in most states. Such distribution depends on factors such as earning power, time served as a homemaker and fault.

Joint custody is separated into two categories, joint legal custody and joint physical custody, adds the American Bar Association. Joint legal custody gives both parents equal rights in making major decisions about the children's lives, and joint physical custody to time divided equally under the immediate care of both parents. Child support is determined by state guidelines, some of which are based on the payer's income, others which are based on the income of both parents. All 50 states give grandparents the right to petition for visitation rights.

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