What Are Some Common Expectations of an Army Spouse?

One of the expectations of a military spouse is to accept that a military job comes first. If the member of the couple who is in the military is deployed, a long absence becomes a reality. It is important that the soldier gives his spouse time to adjust to what the life is like.

Courage and determination are important in a military marriage, as different assignments will lead to different living situations. If the couple wants children, the impact on the children should be taken into consideration as well. Long absences and time apart can lead the couple drifting apart. Divorce among military couples can be just as common as divorce among civilians. In the cases where the person serving is the woman, the rate of divorce can be even higher.

Trying to have a career can be challenging for the nonsoldier partner, as relocation may occur. This may become especially challenging when factoring in professional certifications that could require recertification in a new place of residence.

Socially, wives of officers may be expected to assist with entertaining and socializing. Supportive spouses can be taken into consideration when it comes to promotions of officers, as it may speak to the longevity of the soldier's career. Additionally, soldier's wives can play an integral role in helping soldiers in reintegrating after deployment.