What Are the Most Common Complaints Made by Military Veterans?

What Are the Most Common Complaints Made by Military Veterans?

Many of the most common complaints among veterans include problems with fatigue, memory and concentration difficulties and general pain. Veterans also report mental health problems.

A majority of veterans experience non-specific health problems. This means that the physical problems that veterans face are not related to an illness that can easily be diagnosed and typically affects more than one part of the body. Many veterans experience consistent, lasting pain in the areas of the back, neck, knees and shoulders. This can be the result of over extending joints during active duty.

Veterans are also at risk for chemical exposure, infectious disease and noise and vibration exposure. Routine vaccinations can help prevent some of the exposure to infectious disease but does not always provide complete protection. When in foreign lands, veterans are exposed to a wide variety of diseases that the immune system is simply not prepared to handle.

Traumatic brain injury can plague veterans that have been through blasts and bombings. Any jolt or shock to the head can cause a concussion and leave veterans with a shorter attention span and more advanced cognitive disabilities, such as problems with communicating and processing visual and audio information.

Veterans also file complaints about injuries that were accumulated as a result of lack of treatment while deployed. These injuries include bladder, kidney and sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these can require complex surgeries in order to correct what has been ignored for too long.