What Are Some Common Complaints About Lawyers?


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Clients often complain that some lawyers are discourteous, unresponsive, conservative and charge their fee exorbitantly. That is contrary to the canons of legal ethics that require lawyers to be candid and courteous in relations and also demonstrate personal integrity, according to the Law Society of British Columbia.

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Generally, poor communication from a lawyer is a major cause of irritation to clients, explains the American Bar Association. Poor communication entails unresponsiveness, the use of inappropriate language when writing or talking to a client and inaccessibility.

The increase in the use of email in communication is also another factor that breeds problems between lawyers and clients, notes the Law Society of British Columbia. Because people are used to the immediacy of email, the lawyer included, a complaint is that lawyers send off an email without taking the time to craft it professionally as required. This results in a lawyer giving incomplete advice and using language he may not have used in a letter, hence irritating the client.

Clients complain often of lawyers' bills, which they deem to be confusing, incomplete, vague and unnecessary. For example, a client gets irritated if he incurs costs because a lawyer uses FedEx or a messenger when U.S. mail can suffice, reports the American Bar Association.

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