What Are Some Common Beliefs of Libertarians?


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Libertarians believe in individual freedom and less government regulation in business and personal affairs. The party's platform includes eliminating income taxes and abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

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The Libertarian party places great importance on autonomy, freedom of choice and voluntary association. It advocates an entirely free market and opposes any kind of government intervention in financial and labor sectors. It also believes in a free market health care system and individual retirement planning, and the party supports ending the federal Social Security program in favor of a privatized voluntary system. Libertarians are against any government censorship of communication and do not believe government should be allowed access to personal data such as medical records and email logs. The party platform includes refraining from military engagement overseas and focusing defense efforts on homeland protection.

The Libertarian party was founded in 1971 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is the third-largest political party in the United States as of 2015. Its founders believed that the U.S. government has strayed from its principles and has become too large, intrusive, inefficient and corrupt, and the existing political parties only exacerbated these problems. There are divisions among party members, with some supporting more extreme positions and others taking moderate stances on key issues.

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