What Are Some Common Army-Enlisted MOSs?


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Some common Military Occupation Specialties for Army-enlisted personnel include infantry, combat engineer, aircraft structural repairer, paralegal and military police specialities. The infantry is considered the backbone of the Army, and the responsibilities of an infantryman include participation in a fireteam during drills and combat, assistance in reconnaissance missions, maintenance and storage of weapons, and assistance in the mobilization of troops and vehicles.

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A combat engineer's duties include detecting mines, clearing routes of existing obstacles and helping to overcome rough terrain in combat situations. Construction of both floating and fixed bridges and participation in mobility and countermobility operations fall under the combat engineer's job description.

An aircraft structural repairer works in the aviation field of the MOSs. He reads aircraft plans to replace and repair damaged parts and fabricates parts with available materials as needed. He also works on an aircraft's surfaces, applying primers and paint.

A paralegal specialist works in the judicial branch of the Army. He aids military lawyers and judges in legal proceedings and is responsible for much of the paperwork involved in court cases.

Military police act much like civilian police, except they work on Army installations. They protect and defend people and property on these installations by enforcing laws and answering emergency calls.

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